Just Say No.

Have you ever grew tired of the concrete? The buildings? The busy-ness? The monotonous of commuting? Do you crave a deeper connection with those around you?

There was a time in my recent past that I unknowingly took a break from my dedication to a simpler life.

I made the mistake – and I am calling this a mistake – of enrolling my children in a year-round organized sport. This required driving to town (we live in a rural area) every single day. And Hey! If I am going to be in town, why not sign up for a million other extra-curricular activities as well? I mean, I do want a well-rounded highly socialized child, am I right?

I was very far along in my pregnancy with my fifth child, and I found myself spending more time in the car than I had ever expected. Sitting. Sitting in the car on the long drive to town, sitting at swim practice (for an hour and a half!), sitting at piano lessons, art class, and then sitting again on the drive home.

I then arrived home, warmed some food up for the kids (probably something unhealthy), and then sat some more on the couch.

This led to a lot of sad things in my life. I became overweight, I was very depressed, and I was extremely unhealthy. My garden was in shambles: overgrown, eaten by animals, and just a mess.

I gave up.

You know, I didn’t grow up with this desire. I was raised in a typical American family in the 90s and early 2000s. Both of my parents worked full time (or longer) and we did things that normal American families do. We watched a lot of TV and ate a lot of unhealthy meals. Boxed Macaroni and Cheese, Cereal, Pop-Tarts, Canned Soups. My mom is a wonderful cook – she was just working long hours.

Although I didn’t quite go back to those types of dinners, I did find myself slipping into a lot of poor habits.

My husband and I made the hard decision to take our children out of organized sports. This was only hard for me because that is what I grew up doing. To me, you weren’t a productive child if you didn’t participate in some type of sport. This doesn’t have to be a sport. It can be anything: too many art classes, music lessons, too much television. Silly things that are not absolutely necessary.

Now, we are getting back to our normal. The gardens are tended to, the animals are happy and thriving, the children are running around wild in the great outdoors.

But most of all – Momma can breathe again.

There are so many things that can take away from our purpose at home. Some of them are seemingly good things, and it may take us a long time to realize the negative impacts they might have on our general wellness.

Bella Feeding Ruby.jpg

It is OKAY to say NO. It is okay to put activities aside that are not growing your family closer together.

Come home.

Dig in the dirt with your spouse, friend, or children.

Plant carrots.

Raise a garden, Raise a few hens.

Cook whole foods.

Live Simpler.

Trust me, you will not regret it.