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“I think that gardens and earth connections draw us closer to God, perhaps easier than anything else”. Joel Salatin

Welcome to Spengler Farms!

 We are a small farm located in the Flint Hills of Southern Kansas. My name is April, and I am married to my wonderful hard working husband, Payton. Together, we have five kiddos ranging in age from 9 years old to 11 months. We work as a family on our farm raising grass fed cattle, heritage pigs, laying hens, meat chickens, and a few dairy cows Oakley, Sally Gooden, and Lucy, which allows us to keep our children home with us.

Here, you will find tips and advice for starting and maintaining a homestead, living simply, managing a garden, preserving food, and traditional cooking. Plus, I am sure a few tidbits about how I parent and homeschool my children will be thrown in too.

On Farm, we offer grass fed beef, pork, chicken, eggs, seasonal veggies, and milk. Supplying our area with homegrown nutritional foods.

I started this blog in 2013 as a means to connect with my friends and family, and to show them the benefits of raising your own food, eating locally, and generally staying home as family, which I think is the most important of all. We as a people are so busy, constantly going, never really knowing each other. Spending more time in a car sitting, rushing back and forth from activity to activity, grabbing take out or fast food, and then plopping down in front of the television (or our cell phones). I want more than that for my family. Homesteading and a simpler lifestyle allows us to draw closer to God, to be together, to work together, and to know each other.

The Flint Hills are calling, and I must go.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you can come back soon!

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