Breathing Christ in Small Spaces

Today my family and I attended a new Church, in a neighboring town, on a current quest to find our forever home Church.

“Go where Jesus leads you” is a phrase we, as Christ followers, tend to hear regularly, but how often do we actually follow in His command?

The sermon this morning, in particular, was led by a pastor I had not listened to before and his words found their way deep within my soul. I am spread many places at the moment – home, family, class, swim practice, and work in a large inner city Hospital. All of these pieces of my self are God’s intentions – encouraging me to spread His word – and are not to be taken for granted. However, more often than not, I fall into feeling that I am spread thin. Often times I hear that I am too busy (which is probably true temporarily), but I know that each of these places are where I am told to be. I am a firm believer in a slow intentional life. Each portion of my life is there because of a plan created specifically for me.

There are unnoticeable spaces throughout our every day lives that allow for tiny (or major) declarations of Christ’s love, so small at times, we might not even take notice.

The pastor said, “If you are saved – you are called” – which is so true and often easily forgotten.

You are called in the home – for your spouse and your children, the work place, your neighborhood, your school.

You are chosen to do Big things with this Great life that has been so graciously given to you.

We are not to be silent. We are not to be whispers easily blown in the wind.

We are called to do and spread His Good Deeds, here on Earth, by allowing His words to leap from our tongues.

Who will you lead today? No gesture is too small – when it involves the kingdom of God.

Love Jesus. Love one another. Be Kind. Do hard things.


In All Things, Pray.


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  1. So very true! Thank you for your thoughts and words.

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