Why I Don’t Make the Majority of My Blends {plus a few of my favorites} Part 1

Most of us are aware of the effectiveness of essential oil blends: DDR, On Guard, Purify. While it is possible to make your own version of these blend powerhouses, it isn’t necessary.

I love all things DIY, but in this stage of my life (5 little ones), I have found myself to be more picky of my time and the things I choose to do myself. Like homemade laundry detergent. I made my own for years (8 to be exact) before letting that chore go into the hands of doTERRA.

The same is true for proprietary blends. I could purchase all of the components it takes to make my favorite blends, and that would be fine. However, it is so much easier, less time consuming, and I know I can trust the quality every single time, when I purchase my blends from the most trusted essential oil company.

I had a friend recently e-mail me asking about a favorite laundry soap recipe and shampoo recipe. I went through phases where I felt like I needed to do everything myself. With my first pregnancy, I realized I couldn’t trust the household products we had always used, so I began searching natural alternatives. I started using Melaleuca for a time, before eventually falling off the deep end and everything became DIY. I even went so far as the “no poo” hair care method, which believe me.. with hard well water – was gross – and no fun at all.

Now, with a larger than average family, I have learned to relinquish some things to companies I research and grow to trust. Today, I thought I would share a few of my favorite, and not so commonly mentioned blends that I use on a near daily basis.


doTERRa peace

My favorite way to use Peace® is with the Touch rollerball. I often roll the blend on the bottoms of little ones’ feet when they become upset, highly overactive, or overwhelmed. The threenager year is tough – on momma and said threenager. This blend is one of my secret tools for combating extreme emotions.

Another way I use Peace® is in the car. I am a terrible passenger, and am prone to small panic attacks while riding in the car. Peace® rolled on my wrists helps calm those feelings of anxiousness.

Peace® diffused aromatically during the school morning helps my children to remain focused and myself (an admittedly impatient person) to remain pleasant throughout the process of educating four different elementary grades.



I have always struggled with self doubt, and it has become overwhelming as a -stay at home- | -work at home- mom. As a product of a family prone to mental health disorders, I find that I can easily fall into the trap of depression. Especially postpartum. I purchase Motivate™ Touch in diluted rollerball form, and apply to the underside of both wrists every morning and mid-afternoon, when I feel the afternoon slump coming on. I will share in a later post how essential oils helped me through a serious case of postpartum depression after the birth of my fifth child. Motivate™ being one of those.



Unfortunately, I have dealt with a lot of heartache throughout my life, as a child and adult. When I feel the quick rush of anger or resentment moving to the forefront of my mind, I reach for Forgive® Touch, which I purchase as a diluted rollerball.

I struggle with trust, and I really struggle with releasing moments of hurt. As a woman in her late twenties (not saying thirty yet), I know how important it is for my health to release myself from anger, grudges, and stress – which can all compound and lead to awful undesirable outcomes.

What are your favorite ways to use these three blends?

In Part 2, I will share a few more of my favorite ready-made blends and how I use them in my everyday life.

Note: For skin application, I purchase all of these blends in the diluted Touch form.

Interested in trying essential oil blends for yourself? Leave a comment below or e-mail me at april@spenglerfarms.com – I would love to help you on your journey to a more natural and healthy lifestyle.

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In All Things, Pray.


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