Boy Mom

Life as a Boy Mom is so sweet and rewarding.

I grew up with sisters, but find it pretty natural to raise boys alongside my girls. Although, I cringe when dad teaches Jake how to use an ax – or operate heavy machinery, I know they grow up and leave the hands of momma to find themselves as young men.

I am still savoring the moments my other little guy is with me. He received his first haircut a few weeks ago, from daddy, and already looks older. Starting to find his land legs and toddle around more – he has the funniest personality. More quiet and reserved than big brother, but always observing the older siblings.

Joel will someday leave my arms for his dad’s. If he is anything like his bloodline – He will be wild, adventurous, daring.

He will ride horses bareback, drive heavy equipment or Army trucks. Come face to face with an angry animal bigger than he. Race to put out pasture fires, work with hot metal, or cut down tall trees with dangerous tools. He will hunt, climb mountains, and learn new skills the hard way.

All the while momma takes a deep breath and prays that all will be well.

Life with boys is cuddles and worms and kisses – as well as terrifying moments where I question their safety.

Learning alongside them, and knowing when to keep quiet to allow the natural process of maturing is difficult, but I remind myself to be intentional. Intentional in helping them mature – and intentional in keeping them close enough to wrap in my arms with a quick, “I love you”.

Yes, I will keep savoring these moments my boys are little, because they are fleeting. Soon, I will be looking up into the eyes of men whom I once looked down to in my arms.

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In All Things, Pray.


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