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I am not sure why, but every year January flies by – probably the busyness of holidays and birthdays clustered together. It is nearing February, and I have yet to start my seeds. That is my main To-Do for this week.

We hosted our homeschool friends from our Wild + Free group, and the kids loved exploring outdoors. Among the treasures we had freshwater shells, bones, turtle shells, and a caterpillar. Several kiddos went home with live muscles. My daughter stuck her live muscles in the fish tank. We will see how it does, but it is very interesting watching the muscle reach it’s “body/tongue” out into the water. We had over 35 kids, not including parents, so I was thankful to have an open house to serve them in! It was a wonderful time for the kids, and this momma.

Wild and Free KidsPhoto Credit to my sweet friend, Jessi.

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful in Kansas. The sun was shining. It was warm. And best of all, no wind. We enjoyed walking around the property and dreaming about our goals for the farm this year.

We are excited to jump back into market gardening head first, but with our main intention of providing for ourselves first. It is our dream to feed our family 90% from the farm for the entire year, and hopefully several other families too.

So, as I am planning to order seeds to supplement my current stash. What are some of your favorite things to see at Farmer’s Market? What are your go-to veggies? We will also be growing cut flowers for our honey bees and pollinators. I am most excited about the rare heirloom corn variety we have chosen for grinding – we eat a lot of cornbread in the winter.

eight row flint

This corn variety originated in New England, and was cultivated by Native American tribes for hundreds of years before traveling to Italy, and back again. Almost lost, this rare seed is making a comeback through the hands of great chefs and passionate seed savers.

This Spring, we are using the Back to Eden gardening method, and I am looking forward to sharing the process and outcome!

I love seed shopping – and I am not a shopper. I order the seeds for our garden from Baker Creek and  Seed Savers. We visited Baker Creek Seed Company a couple of years ago in Mansfield, Mo and loved it there! We left with all of our seeds, and a few fruit trees we managed to carefully stuff in the back of our minivan.

I hope your garden planning is going well! Spring is almost here!

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