Beef Bone Broth

The taste of warm broth from healthy bones is what people have savored over multiple generations. Stocks were sold in early restaurants, and weary travelers were often greeted with the comfort of a hot mug of bone tea.

At Spengler Farms, we insist on the enjoyment and education of traditional foods consumed by our ancestors. We encourage our friends to step away from the industrial food chain – away from processed foods, and back home to wholesome cooking. That begins with sourcing local foods and preparing delicious, wholesome, nourishing meals for your family.

I shared my recipe for Chicken Bone Broth earlier in the week, and next up: Beef Bone Broth. Used in soups, gravy, or straight from the mug for a healthy boost, beef stock – made from scratch – should be a staple in every home.

Broths are incredibly easy, and very hands off – which is exactly why I like it. Cooked long and slow to extract all nutrients and minerals, bone broth is necessary for every aspect of our health.

For all things bone broth – I love the book, Bone Broth Secret by Louise Hay and Heather Dane. You can purchase that here.


This recipe can be prepared in a stock pot, Dutch Oven, Instant Pot, or Crock Pot.


Now, go make some bone stock, and drink to good health and traditional foods!

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