Life Lessons

We all have dreams and goals.

Some are big – others are small.

The hard work, dedication, and trust it takes to reach those goals is what makes them daunting.


Maybe you are an accountant or secretary, sitting at your desk – dreaming of the day when you can purchase your own land, and raise a family with a simpler lifestyle.

Perhaps you are a working mother – praying for the opportunity to spend more time with your children, but afraid to lose your income.

I was once that person – sitting at a desk in the mental health field, wondering what my life was meant to look like. Working full time with two babies under the age of 3, and going to school full time – I missed so many sweet moments with them, and with my husband. It was stressful for all of us. Relationships were tense, and smiles weren’t often authentic.

Each and every day I worked with children from broken homes – broken families, while mine grew up in the hands of others. I saw through the eyes, of the children I worked with, the desire for a stable environment, and the hopes for committed parents.


My dream in that moment was to stay home. To stay home with my children, and commit everything I had to raising them. To creating a loving environment as a homemaker. Sure, I was afraid to leave my job, but I was more afraid of losing the experiences my children would make during their childhood.

So when do you follow your dreams? The answer is: Right now – This very instance.

Figure out what is crucial in taking the first step.

If your goal is to get out of debt – cancel the credit cards.

If your goal is to buy land – start saving.

If your goal is to stay home with your children – make it happen.

Don’t waste a single moment. You will soon realize how quickly those moments fade.

My generation was taught that the only way to be successful is through accumulation. Accumulation of money and stuff. In my home, success will be determined by the accumulation of heartfelt memories – time spent together.

Please, always remember – a career is not what defines you. What truly defines the person you are, is what you leave behind. Your children – your grandchildren. The home you create together, and the impressions you leave.

Whatever you do in life – give it your all. Make it your goal to commit every ounce of your capabilities to improving the environment around you. Optimism is the most powerful tool you have.


Do you need help finding your way in this wild world?

Is it your dream to stay home and raise a family?

Shoot me an e-mail. I am more than happy to talk with and encourage you.

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In All Things – Pray.



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