A New Season

With Autumn weather and cooler temperatures I find myself leaning into the kitchen more often. Baking as much as my children can handle, and then offering the overflow to friends.

Autumn is my season. The time of year that I feel lends new beginnings.

New goals. 

New skills. 

New opportunities.

Maybe it was my decision to stay home more. To be fully aware of the space around me. To linger outside with my children a tad longer, breathing in the crisp Fall air.

I can sense the impending frost.

Rather than the desire to cloister away, I feel energized – refreshed. Ready to start again. Eager to dive head first into projects, goals, dreams.

All I am certain of, these seasons God has given us, whether quick or unending, they are a gift.

A gift that reminds us that change can and will happen.

We need only be still and soak in the glory – the beauty of each moment, before it is gone, and a new one takes its place.


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  1. My feelings about Fall, you have described it beautifully.

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