Finding Joy.

“With every rising sun, we are given a choice. I choose Joy.”

Each morning I wake to my sweet baby crying from his crib.

I groggily stumble out of bed and wrap him in my arms, whispering softly “Good morning, son”.

He nurses and falls quickly back to sleep. I try to sleep a little longer too.

Soon after, before the sun greets us, my three year old walks quietly through the room.

Bleary eyed and sleepily she asks, “Is it morning time?”

I close my eyes and pause. This could be a moment that determines our day.

With a lovingly tone, I tell her, “Yes, baby girl. It is morning time”, and I pull her onto the bed for some early snuggles.

I will myself out of bed, baby in arms, and make my way through the dark house, to the kitchen for espresso.

Ayda trails close behind, asking for her morning glass of milk.

Joel is placed in his high chair, while I gather the tools necessary to make my morning latte, laced with honey from our backyard bees.

I sip the warm elixir. I savor the caffeine that begins my day.

I glance over toward my two youngest. Numbers four and five. The only children awake in the house.

Ayda, quietly enjoying her glass of fresh milk with honey.

Joel, watching us both. He is learning.

..and I think to myself, “These are the moments to cherish. The little moments of every day life”.

Finding Joy in rising before the sun.

Finding Joy in the needs of my sweet babies.

Finding Joy in that first cup of coffee.

Finding Joy in whatever stage you are in.

Finding Joy in the monotony of every day life.



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  1. God Bless you, April! You know the meaning of life and Joy!
    Keep spreading it.

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