Month: October 2017

Tomato Juice, Why it is Valuable in the Kitchen.

When canning large batches of tomatoes, it can be tempting to dump off all the extra juice your tomatoes exude…. Straight down the sink. But, Wait! There are actually many uses for the leftover tomato juice. Seeds and all. No extra work. No extra…

Food and Fellowship

β€œThe shared meal elevates eating from a mechanical process of fueling the body to a ritual of family and community, from the mere animal biology to an act of culture.” – Michael Pollan Farming should not be an isolated job. The connection we can…

A New Season

With Autumn weather and cooler temperatures I find myself leaning into the kitchen more often. Baking as much as my children can handle, and then offering the overflow to friends. Autumn is my season. The time of year that I feel lends new beginnings….

Finding Joy.

“With every rising sun, we are given a choice. I choose Joy.” Each morning I wake to my sweet baby crying from his crib. I groggily stumble out of bed and wrap him in my arms, whispering softly “Good morning, son”. He nurses and…

Simple Pasta

As you know, I just finished canning my tomatoes for the season, and fresh pasta with my homemade pasta sauce has been on the table nearly every day, thanks to the persistent requests of my children. As fate will have it, my pasta sauce…

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