Homemade Butter – Two Ways

“I shouldn’t think even millionaires could eat anything nicer than new bread and real butter and honey for tea.” -Dodie Smith, I Capture the Castle

Butter has gained popularity, once again, as people understand the health benefits associated with whole foods and real fats. Butter, lard, tallow, coconut oil, avocado. All real food. All healthy fats. Rather than spending over seven dollars for a 1/2 pound of butter, that was shipped from who knows where, why not try making your own?

squeeze water

Raw milk is best, but optional. If you need help sourcing raw milk in your area, ask around. I am sure it is easier to find than you think!

Butter is one of the easiest fats to make. All you need is cream (preferably raw), a glass jar, food processor, or stand mixer.

In this recipe I will teach you how to make butter using a glass jar and stand mixer. Both easy and effective.

3 pints of cream yields roughly 2 1/2 cups of butter.

Items Needed:
Cream (raw is best)
Glass Jar or Stand Mixer


  1. Pour cream into bowl of stand mixer.pour cream
  2. Turn stand mixer on high, and leave on high until cream thickens to a whipped cream consistency.whipped cream
  3. Turn off stand mixer and scrape down sides of bowl.
  4. Cover mixer with a towel and turn mixer up to high. You must cover the mixer. If not, your kitchen will soon be covered in buttermilk.cover mixer
  5. Continue mixing cream until the butter fat begins to separate from the buttermilk. You will know when this happens by a splashing sound.
    butter fat
  6. Continue mixing on a lower speed until the butter fat clumps together and forms a ball.
  7. Strain buttermilk from the butter and reserve for biscuits, pancakes, or drinking.Strain
  8. Run the butter under cold water, in a bowl, and knead gently with your hands until the water begins to run clear. This removes any excess buttermilk and allows your butter to keep longer. Washing the butter.jpeg
  9. Gently squeeze water from butter.squeeze water
  10. If desired, lightly massage sea salt into prepared butter. I salt my table butter to extend its freshness, but this is optional.
  11. This recipe makes roughly 2 cups. I store half in the refrigerator, or my butter crock, for immediate usage, and half in the freezer for later.

To make butter using simply a glass jar:

  1. Place cream in glass pint mason jar, filling only half way.
  2. Shake jar vigorously until butter fat separates from buttermilk.
  3. Strain butter fat from buttermilk – reserve buttermilk for later use.
  4. Knead and salt butter as directed above.

Homemade butter is so easy, and with a stand mixer, very hands off. You can make your butter while working in the house or homeschooling your kiddos. So simple, delicious, and much more sustainable than store bought. 


10 Comments on “Homemade Butter – Two Ways

  1. April, you need to get a title, like our neighbor to the South! (Way South like in Oklahoma!)
    Like I call myself “Grouse Creek Woman”.
    I love this post about making butter! When the kids were all still home, we bought milk from Campbells Dairy, We made butter in jars and passed them around so everyone shared in the making
    I really think it tastes better than ‘store bought’!
    Your photos are great and make my mouth water.
    You are going to be famous someday. 😊 Keep up the good work!

    • Yes, Ree was pretty creative when she thought of her name, wasn’t she? Homemade butter tastes sooo much better than store bought! Store bought doesn’t even compare!

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